Aqara e1 roller shade driver

Aqara E1 roller shade driver in ZHA, can’t get it as a cover?

So I have some Aqara E1 roller shade drivers connected to a SkyConnect, so I’m using ZHA.

When I first paired them all I had to do the following, with help from this group.

  1. Go to the device settings. Settings > Devices & Integrations > You Zigbee controller > Your E1 device



  4. Click the top drop down, labelled clusters and click analog output

  5. The click the lower dropdown labelled attributes

  6. Choose max_preset_value

  7. Click Get Zigbee Attribute. The Value field will show the wrong value: 0.0

  8. Change this to the right vaue: 100.0

  9. Click write Zigbee Attribute

  10. Do the same with min_present_value
    min_present_value seems to be wanting to be “none”

Now this works but not as a cover, only a number. See photo of what it exposes

Here’s some pics of the number card and the cover card Imgur: The magic of the Internet

For some reason one of the cover cards says unknown when opened and the other two work as they should in the cover card but don’t actually do anything to the blind.

All I do atm is set a scene for 0 on the number card and a scene for 100 which is fully opened and fully closed, then I just call the scenes in my automations.

I’m baffled as to why it doesn’t come up as a cover, only a number and what I can do to solve this.

Apologies if the explanation was terrible, I wasn’t sure how to explain it!