Aqara Eigenstone S2 as a Thermostat?

Hi there !

I’m trying to replace my wired gaz heating thermostat with a connected thermostat.
So far my actual (old) thermostat is an Honeywell CM61 (install guide)

I’ve seen expensinve connected Thermostat (Nest, Netatmo, …) and just seen which migth be a cheap alternative : Aqara EigenStone S2
Link : exemple in Gearbest
Yes it is meant to control air conditionner but it seems to be able to do more…

Does any one has alreeady tested this Aqara thermostat ?
Or someone could tell me if from an electronic point of view it could replace my actual thermostat ?


PS : my setup in an hassio on RPi and I’ve already got a aqara / xiaomi setup (Hub / Sensors / …)

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