Aqara fp1 sensitivity settings missing in zigbee2mqtt

Hi there !

I just set up zigbee2mqtt with a sonoff usb dongle-e running 7.3.1 firmware, paired 3 door sensors and an aqara fp1 motion sensor, but I can’t find any sensitivity settings regarding motion detection, which is way too much, it grasps my cat slowly passing in front of it …
Here’s the expose tab for aqara motion sensor in zigbee2mqtt :

I’ve seen other people having more options with sliders there.
I even tried by flashing original 6.10.3 firmware for the sonoof dongle, didn’t change anything.
Is there anything I’m missing / not understanding / doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help !

Which version of Z2M did you install?

Problem solved, I just don’t have a FP1 sensor, but the old model, damn aliexpress !! :rofl:
Thanks !

That sucks… and sending it back if probaly at the same cost as buying a new one…go for the FP2 I would say…FP1 has ‘challenges’

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