Aqara FP2 and P1

Have a aqara FP2 and P1 and am trying to intergrate to turn on/off my kitchen lights.
There does not seem to be any tutorials as such on youtube.
Lights work with p1 but cannot get to work with FP2.
Would like to be able to run a automation so lights turn on with P1 and stays on and only turn off if presence not detected. Any thoughts?

Can you confirm the FP2 is functioning correctly in HA?

Have you attempted an automation and you can post it here so we can see it?

The way I do this is with a binary_sensor group with both the presence sensor and the motion sensor in it. Then check that to determine what should stay on or off.

You probably need to convert FP2 to a “motion detector”:


  - binary_sensor:
    - unique_id: fp2_as_a_motion_detector
      name: FP2 as a motion detector
      device_class: motion
      state: "{{ states('binary_sensor.the_aqara_fp2') }}"


Or… just change the device_class via UI (in my case, I had to change Show as from Occupancy to Motion, so that the FP2 was available in my motion-activated lights blueprint).

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The FP2 seems to have a mind of its own never seems to function correctly. It can detect my partner but i seem to be a ghost. If i walk near my partner it detects me, if i walk away it shows she has moved not me. I have reset multiple times and only seems to work for about 30 secs. Why is there always 3 presence zones detected when i have only 1? I cannot figure which zone is which , because if i walk into 1 zone all 3 are sometimes triggered and never reset to clear. No idea what to do.

Seems to be intermittent. Tried all sorts of automations as described in the forum. Have no problems with the p1 motion sensor, just randomly goes off if i stand still too long.