Aqara FP2 sensor stops detecting second person

Hi I have an Aqara FP2 sensor in my living room and i use it to detect presence in my dining room and my tv room that are next to each other. It works perfectly. The problem comes when there are 2 people in the room, it merges both of them as only one person, so when somewhone leaves the room its no longer detecting anyone. I dont know what is the problem and how to fix it. Thanks everyone.

So I understand that you have detection zones set up in the Aqara app (living room, dining room, tv room) and presence of people in these zones is not properly recognized in respective binary_sensors in HA? How it looks like directly in Aquara app?
To me it seems to be Aquara problem rather than HA. HA is aware only about what sensor reports via Homekit… Perhaps some reset of sensor settings in app? Like tuning of detection settings, AI Person Detection or re-running of AI learning?

Yes it is an Aqara problem u thing that the issue is that I only have 1 sensor for 3 large areas. But I’m not sure if it’s the only problem. On the app I can see exactly when I approach someone that it merge us into only 1 person.

I have FP2 installed in my leaving room, which 4.5x8m, but regular shape. Sensor is installed in the middle of shorter wall, so even slightly exceeding suggested maximum reach of sensor. Yet I’m able to get all zones, I want to identify, properly recognized. Indeed, it happens that people merge into one person within zone, but as long as FP2 properly recognizes presence in specific zone it does not matter how many people are there (it i not passed to HA). In my case, however, zones are separate, not adjacent to each other, so it makes easier for sensor to recognize presence per zone.
At HA level there is nothing that could be done tofix, the only solution is to try reconfigure the sensor within app, trying to turn/on/off different functions, changing sensitivity, perhaps discovering interference zones, untill you get better results in app itself. Or split the room into part and have it covered by more sensors.

Yes im pretty sure that the problem is the área, because i havent experienced that problem in the zone closer to the sensor.