Aqara Hub EU-Version (ZHWG11LM) - Integrate paired devices into HA

Heyho! Back again…
I made a workaround for my Aqara sensor, because i have made changes in my setup:

I bought a Aqara Hub and sadly I got a new/closed hub (as mentioned all over this forum).
Before that, I connected all my Aqara sensors directly to my Raspbee hat, but for using the hub as alarm device, I had to pair my Aqara door sensor with it.
At the moment, we can only connect the Aqara hub by using the HomekitController integration.
Result was, that I couldnt see when my door was opened anymore, because all sensors paired with the hub are not visible for HA :frowning:
Now I want both ways without placing two sensors onto my door…

My solution (and maybe a solution for all devices paired to Aqara hub):
I have an Android wall panel (you can use your normal cell phone, too) with Tasker app and AutoNotification Tasker plugin.

My new setup:
What I did was create a automation in my Aqara app for a push message when my sensor changes its state, so my Android device will create a standard Android notification.
In Tasker I made up an Event for this special notification and interject it by the AutoNotification plugin. The task in Tasker calls HomeAssistant by publishing a MQTT-message and afterwards removes the notification from the Android device.
From now on, you can do what you want with this information in HomeAssistant, I set a timestamp for it which is displayed in my frontend (e.g. “just now”/“34 minutes ago”/…)

…mission accomplished :smiley: when HA has armed my hub (alarm_panel), the alarm signal will be triggered, and when I want to automate only the “door open”-event, I can create a seperate automation in HA. Good chance, that this works for a lot of sensors, but I only need this for my door ATM.

I hope this small guide find some use here, by request I will provide detailed instructions.

greetz Bob