Aqara Hub - HomeKit - Alarm Control Panel Won't Arm

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Ok, so I’ve running 0.110.3 and I’ve decided to try and add my Aqara Hub back into the system as I’ve seen there are significant improvements to the HomeKit Controller. I was very happy to see that my sensors are firing immediately now which is awesome (before it used to take a few seconds for HA to notice a change).

I can’t wait to start setting up automations using these new sensors but I’m having an issue whereby I can’t seem to activate the alarm. I press the button in Lovelace and nothing happens. I tried exposing the Alarm Panel to HomeKit and it doesn’t work either.

I checked the log files and I don’t see anything. Is there a way to debug what might be going on? Debug logging perhaps? I have no idea what could be causing this.

Yeah…so…embarrassed to say but I figure I’ll post it here for everyone else…

I had one of the windows open which was preventing the alarm from arming.

On a related note, the latest version of HA works awesome with the Aqara Hub in HomeKit mode. Super responsive, far faster than my hue motion sensors.