Aqara Hub in HA - I think I'm doing this wrong

Thanks to Prime Day, I impulse bought a bunch of Aqara (a.k.a. Xiaomi) hardware thinking it would all work in Home Assistant. Right out of the gate, I am unable to get the Aqara(Xiaomi) integration on Home Assistant 116.4 to detect my hub, even after setting up a static IP.

I am unsure whether I simply have an unsupported hub or perhaps I’ missed a step somewhere along the way. Could anyone confirm whether the hub I am using works in their environment? FWIW, I was able to not only set up the hub in Homekit, but was also able to upgrade the hub’s firmware using the Aqara app.

Additionally, I am confused about which iOS app I should be using. The Integration Docs call the app Mi-Home but there’s also an Aqara app available in the US region. From what I can tell, they are very similar in functionality. Very confusing.

Is the hub being discovered by HA as described under the SETUP header in the docs?
When not, did you try the manual installation-route? What was the result?
Any extra info in Configuration --> Logs?

Thanks for the reply. I think I may have stumbled onto an answer to my issue - My gateway may not be supported.

I’ve had a real hard time determining whether or not my Gateway is supported, mainly because the documentation identifies such devices with everything except the model numbers that come with the retail products. It wasn’t until I happened to switch the Wifi network of my phone that I noticed my gateway was broadcasting an SSID called lumi.gateway.aqhm02_xxxxx which is quite similar to the unsupported lumi.gateway.aqhm01 as listed in the documentation. While I hope this is not the case, I suspect I may be out of luck.

Maybe I need to pick up a generic Zigbee dongle since all I want to do is use the Aqara Motion Sensors anyway…

Ok understood, that would leave the hacking-option as the last resort, as described on the Integration-page.

Indeed, a generic Zigbee dongle would be a good choice as well.

Good luck!