Aqara hub M2 accessory adding

So i plugged the aqara M2 hub into my wired network and HA found it. I entered in the pairing pin and it was fine and viable and added to HA. But now i am trying to add an aqara motion sensor v2 to the hub but everything describes adding it by the homekit app. I never used the home app. The hub is connected to HA but i see no options to pair an accessory to the hub. what am i missing?

So to help those that are have the same issues me i have made some progress. My hub2 version 3.2.4_00005.0520 i have not updated but please let me know if you try this and it works on the newest version.

So plugged my Hub m2 into my Ethernet port on the same sub net as my HA. I added the hub to my apple aqara home app using the app. I then added a sensor using the aqara home app. This allows for the hub to add the sensor to its sensor list. I then added the integration on HA home kit controller. I reset the network on the hub m2 by pressing the button for 10 sec ( it will tell you network reset). I then had it pop up on HA and added it using the code on the label as the paring code. When it was added it had the hub and the sensor added to HA. Hope this helps no firm ware flashing was needed for me at this time. Keep you updated.

Thanks for posting your update! I am considering getting the Aqara M2 as well. So if I understand you correctly, you were not able to add sensors using the native HA Aqara integration, but only through HomeKit Controller?