Aqara Hub M2 and SkyConnect

I noticed Aqara Hub M2 is on sale. Help me understand why I might want this if I already have a Skyconnect USB dongle? It looks like it has a nice 360 IR blaster for devices in the same room.

Other benefits - does it extend the Zigbee coverage or provide anything else you find useful?

Hi, I am wondering same thing. I already have M2 Hub. I want to add to Skyconnect to extend the network but I don’t know how to do it.

I ended up skipping the Aqara hub and only using the Skyconnect dongle. The range is magnificent, I get solid coverage through multiple walls and floor on opposite sides of the house. Response to Zigbee events like button presses to turn off a lamp is near instantaneous. Pairing new devices is stupid simple, I now have motorized window shade, multiple lamps with buttons and three motion/lux sensors stationed around the house.

So the TL;DR here is if you want to ditch the M2 Hub you may not need it.

Thank you for your response. I have most of my devices connected through Skyconnect. As I also have M2 Hub twiddling its thumbs, I thought by connecting I could increase the strength of the signals, unless I am going on the wrong track.