Aqara integration with deCONZ

Hi everybody,

I tried everything but nothing happen, I can’t pair my Aqara products with deCONZ… I don’t know why because Aqara app find the products and pair them…

Some guys have or had this problem ?

Thanks for your help

Which Aqara products? If you can pair them with your phone, could they be Bluetooth rather than Zigbee?

Motion sensor, temperature sensor, lights bulbs, plugs, switchs.

Normally, Aqara products works on Zigbee and works with deCONZ.

Do you also run the aqara hub or do the app run standalone? Because if it finds the devices without a hub they’re not zigbee.

I run the Aqara M2 Hub, but it’s work now with an USB extension cable :slight_smile:

Ok, sometimes people misunderstand what the devices are.