Aqara Light strip T1 LGYCDD01LM color temperature inverted

I’v got the Aqara Light Strip for a few days now. Color mode works as expected, white mode does not.

Somehow the color temperature is inverted. When I set it too coller, the light goes warmer and vice versa.

I tried it with zigbee2mqtt and also ZHA, repaired it several times but nothing helps. I’m using the sttip as is, without any extensions.

Has anyone experienced this problem too? Does anybody know a workaround?

Best regards

Sounds like a problem in the firmware. I have 3 of them connected via Z2M and I’ve never seen that behavior. My firmware is currently 20230606 (and I just saw an update pop up for it too).

Thanks for your reply. At least I know that they should work.

I’m also at 20230606 and reapplied the upgrade several times.

As I can’t find any older firmware than 20230606 to test it with a downgrade, I ordered another one to check if something is broken in my system.