Aqara M1S Gen 2 Hub Not Being Detecting Anymore

I connected my Aqara M1S Gen 2 Hub to my HA & it was working fine for a day. The next days the HomeKit Controller Integration wasn’t working, so I tried to reload the integration. I restarted my hub & then I restarted my HA. The integration was still not working. So I thought that maybe I can delete the integration & re-connect it to my HA. But after deleting it, HA didn’t auto discover the hub. So I again restarted my hub & my HA; it still didn’t discover it. So I tried to add it by going to Add Integration > Apple > HomeKit Controller. But it does discover my hubu. It just says “No unpaired devices could be found”.
FYI the hub’s IP address hasn’t changed. Initially I thought that if the hub IP address has changed, then it might have gotten disconnected from my HA. But thats not the case.
Can someplease tell me how can I re-connect my hub to my HA? Is there anyway to manually add my hub to my HA using the File Editor AddOn?