Aqara M2 Hub x adding accessories

I have an Aqara M2 hub which I have paired 2 wireless switches too using the iOS app. Once I had paired the switches (they wouldn’t pair to zha with any function) I reset the hubs network settings and was picked up by HA via the homebridge intergration.
How would I go about adding more accessories to the hub through HA? To add another switch I reset the hub network, added to the iOS app, added the switch then reattached to HA via homebridge. Is there a way to add hub only Aqara accessories to the hub from within HA. TIA.

Like to know that to :frowning:

I know its been a long time since you posted the above. Starting some time ago (I do not know if it is Aqara version or HA or both) the only way to get the Aqara M2 to work with HA is:

  1. To use it with wires Ethernet, preferable (at least by me) to set it to fixed IP
  2. To fully reset it (10 button presses)
  3. It pops up in HA or just add new integration Homekit Controller.
  4. Add devices using the M2 front button. 3 presses and it is ready for pairing new device.
  5. I did not try but one of the entities M2 creases is pairing. It might work faster this way.