Aqara Magic Cube doesn't pair with ZHA


I got the Magic Cube and initially with DeConz but because of lacking of detection of the tap (any) I wanted to test it with ZHA. I don’t know why but with ZHA it doesn’t pair with it at all. I have try many times to reset, I removed the battery but nothing. It is the only Zigbee device that doesn’t want to work at all with ZHA. Any ideas?

System: RPI3 with Conbee2 (in USB extension)

Just purchased a couple of Magic Cubes and found that when I tried to add them to ZHA that they would work for a couple of seconds, then fail. Once I deleted them and re-added them, they worked without skipping a beat.

For me it is that doesn’t pair at all… not even for seconds. Comparing with DeConz which worked (with flaws)

logs, please.

From what? There is no logs from ZHA as it doesn’t detect something.

Even with logging turned up?

Nothing in the logs, but in the 25th or 30th or whatever attempt it paired and paired fully. So closed… :wink: