Aqara mini switch - trouble adding device with ZHA Sonoff dongle plus3-E

Newb with HA… got first switch, a Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (WXKG11LM). Also paired first device - a light bulb, so my zigbee dongle seems to work fine. (running HA in a virtualbox VM). When trying to connect the switch, I hold the pairing button until it starts blinking the LED, with Zigbee “searching for devices”. Sometimes it finds the mini switch and then hangs on “Starting Conversation with Device”, until it eventually gives up. I’ve tried periodically pressing the pairing button every few seconds for a second or two, plus tried long pressing the button while the Starting Conversation is going, but nothing I’ve tried seems to work. Wondering if there are any tricks? Did try a new battery. Thanks.

Sounds as if you’re using ZHA?

There appear to be several versions of this switch, and issues with some of them - have a look at GitHub:

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Thank you for that. I’m looking through it… but may just give it up and try a different brand… chalk the cost up to a learning process.

After posting my question, I finally found this thread a bit too late (or I wouldn’t have created my post):

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I’ve done quite a lot of that. :roll_eyes:

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