Aqara motion from 2:00 to 30 sec delay

Greetings. When motion sensor activates, it is fired for 2 minutes, but I need it to be around 30 sec. Did not find that in documentation, is it possible to fix that?

Looks like it’s set to ~2min and you can’t change it…
I can think of a few ways to simulate longer motion detection, but not shorter…
Do you need 30 sec from the first motion detected or do you need 30 sec after motion stopped being detected?
Former is easy, latter not so much…

I was thinking about first detection. Z-wave one is fired for 30 seconds, so I thought, that it is possible to controll

then it’s easy, simply have a trigger on the sensor, with state going to on (provided on means motion detected, then add a delay as your first action and then the action you originally had in mind
Let me know if you need more details, hopefully this gets you started

But what if there is motion after that? Example:
Motion on, trigger in with delay for 30sec
After 10 seconds there is motion again. So motion sensor should go off now after 30 sec, but trigger will end after 20 sec. I do not think this is going to work. Thank you for advice anyways:)

It’s not possible with the xiaomi motion sensor. Take a look at this topic, it has extensively been discussed. The gateway simply doesn’t publish the “no motion” message any sooner. If you need to be able to detect motion events faster after eachother you need to use a different sensor.

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I geot this work with PYTHON SCRIPT
I set if for aqara motion sensor, to set state “off” after motion detected.
Main issue was when motion is triggered, sensor state keeps “on” for 2 minutes and then sets “off”
Thank you rodpayne for pyhon script
How to manually set state/value of sensor

Just take a look to comment above yours