Aqara Motion/Presence Sensor

Hi Guys,

I’ve neglected HA for a while as I’ve been so busy with other things.
Just gone to check things and found that my Aqara Motion/Presence sensor doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly.
I have HA on a RPi4b and a Conbee II, and the aqara sensor, running via Phoscon in Deconz integration.
On my dashboard the Motion Sensor states Unavailable.
If I go to Settings - Addons deconz is working.
If I go to Settings - Devices Deconz states Failed Setup, Will Retry.

I’ve deleted the sensor in Phoscon and re-added it.
Removed the conbee and re plugged it back in.
Shut down, removed conbee, powered up, - ,then shut down, re-plugged in the conbee, and powered up again.
Updated everything, no change
Many restarts, and nothing seems to work.
If I open another HA webpage instance, open Phoscon, open the sensor;
page 1 with my dashboard states unavailable
page 2 with the sensor, the sensor detects

So the sensor is working, and as it uses the conbee to communicate with HA on the RPi, then the conbee must be work also, yet the dash states unavailable;

Can I ask for some ideas of what’s going wrong?