Aqara motion sensor illumination lag

Now I am using Aqara motion sensor (RTCGQ11LM) for detect movement and turning light on. Also I turn on light only if light is below some level.
The issue is sensor reports illumination data every 50 minutes.
So sometimes its really dark but sensor report huge value. And my automation don’t tun on light in dark room.
There is any way to force sensor report data more often?

Which kind of light sensor is this?

Aqara RTCGQ11LM reports motion and illuminance.

I initially wanted to do the same as you, but stopped because of exactly that reason. I do not want to force more frequent updates either on the device if that is even possible to not drain batteries so right now using sun offset to mange lights vs actual light values.

As for me, its not very accurate. Are you trying this ?

Nope. I have no Xiaomi hub. I use Zigbee2mqtt.

just in case not clear, I believe motion updates include light level (so every x minutes if no motion, and every 2 minutes when there is motion.

Illumination value updates either in long periods or when a motion is detected. To use the relevant and updated illuminance level, trigger your automation when motion is on for 0.1 seconds for instance. You can play with the delay to get the right value. This way the sensor has time to update the illumination value so that your condition will work right.