Aqara motion sensor - lux is not added through homekit

hi all,

Im still new with HA and my setup currently with Aqara devices connected to Aqara hub(global version).
HA automatically detects the hub and I’ve successfully added it to HA with all the devices connected to it.
However, for my motion sensor, I can only see 1 entity - ‘binary_sensor.motion_sensor…’. How do I add the lux entity into it?


I have the same issue. Mine was set up as a HomeKit Accessory because Xiaomi Aqara Gateway option didn’t work for me. I think it is not supported via HomeKit Accessory.


Any news on Homekit Controller recognizing light sensor on Aqara Motion Sensor?
I know it should create a different entity on the device, but it doesn’t.


Im having same issue - did anyone manage to get this working?

Same issue here

I have a p1 sensor connected to the aqara hub and homekit. You can see the lux settings and adjust it by selecting the p1 sensor and more settings. If you want lux automation, what i did is set it up from the aqara app. havent tried it on homekit im assuming itll be the same but the automation wont show on HA though, im actually still testing it right now. But if your sensor is directly connected to HA the lux settings will show automatically but not if your sensor is connected to homekit or aqara. You have to access homekit or aqara app to set that. But im still testing i might find a work around

I just installed the Aqara P1 motion sensor (using the Aqara app), and in Home Assistant, I get only the motion entity. The hub used is the Aqara G3 Camera. Unfortunately, the illuminance entity does not appear in the Home Assistant. If there is a workaround that someone knows, please reply; meanwhile, maybe Aqara will do something.