Aqara Motion Sensor - RTCGQ11LM with Zigbee2MQTT

Hi All - My first post here… I’ve recently purchased the first generation of Aqara motion sensor. Set it up with Home Assistant via Zigbee2MQTT and ZBDongle E Gateway . All seems to work fine in detecting motion, but noticed will only work when I’m approximately 2m away from the sensor or nearer. Nowhere near the advertised 7 meters. Anyone else have similar experiences or know a way to adjust this settings.

Many thanks


Hi, welcome to the forum!

In the z2m webUI you can change a lot of parameters from your devices for every single device.
Maybe the default setting for your motion sensor is not suited for your case.

How high did you mount the sensor?

The manual indicates it needs to be mounted at a height of 2.1m to get the 7m range. See page 5 of the Quick Start Guide.

A lack of range usually means:

  1. Interference
    a. Did you leave Z2M at the default channel (11) or did you check it was clear of WiFi (the channels are numbered differently - see here)
    b. Did you put the dongle on a USB extension cable, to move t away from the RF noise generated by the computer?
  2. Obstructions - you’ll get about 6 to 8 meters when there’s a single plasterboard/drywall wall in the way, brick and stone reduce the range

Pretty sure they mean PIR range not zigbee range.

Ah… well… in that case yes device settings matter - as does angle of approach and more.

I doubt very much you can get 7 meters out of them except in very exact settings. Five meters maybe… but I find that that generation is really only reliable from 4 meters and below.

I checked all the settings within the WebUI and didn’t see anything that allows for range adjustments.

I’ve temporarily mounted it just above a door so around the 2m mark… I dont believe there is any issue on the dongle side. I even bought he sensor into the same room but still only getting minimal range

Tinkerer & Tom already touched the subject so I advise you to read this: Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

Thanks Nick - A few things to try and I’ll see if it makes a difference!