Aqara new people presence sensor FP2

just interested to see whether anyone got their hands on the new FP2 sensors and the experience of using it. I am definitely keen to get one but can seem to find it from any outlets, even

also interested to see how it compares with Everything presence one and also this YouTube video from Everything Smart Home


there’s a review already available here:

a rough summary with a help of google translate:

  • its wifi
  • it can detect 3-4 person
  • it can also detect if your lying in the bed, sitting and standing (only works if sensor is installed at the wall)
  • better region based automation
  • fall detection only works if the sensor is installed at ceiling
  • fp2 also came with lux sensor
  • it uses USB-C so you can now provide you own length of USB cable
  • very fast response, you probably no longer need a PIR sensor with this one

the gotchas

  • it seems reflection is still a issue (eg, getting stucked at detected just like the fp1) specially in small room

thanks, I am still trying to get my hands on one FP2

I watched this video as it looks like this guy has its hand on it however wasnt able to understand him 【HomeKit】 Aqara FP2人体场景传感器,HomeKit 看了都说妙不可言 - YouTube

To purchase you can purchase the presell here Aqara绿米人体场景传感器FP2智能家居HomeKit人体存在感应开关 人体场景传感器【图片 价格 品牌 报价】-京东 but I have never used so am hesitant. I found the actual ship date previously but cant seem to see it now


Have a friend coming over from China soon and thinking to have him bring one or two of the FP2. However given that it’s WiFi I presume the only way to integrate with HA is for someone to develop an integration which probably will take a while?

it may probably take a while, not until they support matter on that device which is not a thing yet and who knows what entity they were going to expose over matter anyway.

One thing for sure is you will need aqara’s hub to make this thing work, and if you want that sensor to be accessible over HA, you may wanna go with homekit workaround with a big caveat that it may only expose the occupancy entity and everything else like the regions are absent.

According to this, the hub will not be required - Aqara’s FP2 presence sensor feature list revealed in China pre-sale - The Verge

At launch, the sensor, which is powered by a USB-C cable, will work with Apple Home and Aqara’s own smart home app but doesn’t require a Zigbee Aqara Hub.

This sensor looks pretty amazing. Fingers crossed there will be a decent way to incorporate it into HA!


If someone is capable enough. Maybe even esphome.

It’s running an esp32

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So I have one now, but cannot get it to work outside of the Aqara app.

Have tried integrating through Homekit, but doesn’t show up.

Any other routes I might be able to follow?

If I were to start with the esp32 route, can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hope more capable people get them in their hands soon and make some progress.


as I said before, this thing only communicates either using the aqara hub or the app it self. so far no other app can do this, if you want homekit support you definitely need the hub even though it doesnt even use zigbee or bluetooth.

It has an esp32 chip therefore it is definitely possible if someone has the skill to get it to work with esphome.

I wonder what happens when it’s plugged into a computer. Does it show up in esphome ready to be flashed? I wouldn’t flash it yet but that’s a start in terms of how hard it might be to get into boot mode.

If you have the skills (I don’t) them flashing it with esphome is a start then you would have to debug it and try to determine what the responses mean and based off that scrape together sensors to be used in home assistant.

When you say tried, did you use homekit controller in home assistant?

As well as follow this?

According to this source, it will finally launch on April 20th - TOMORROW!

Aqara’s instagram page also says this:

It’s actually on Amazon now to purchase. I just grabbed a couple.

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Here’s a detailed teardown and review of the FP2 and comparison with the FP1

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I am sorry, but I thought the advantage of the homekit controller on HA is that I do not need an extra hub when the device is supporting homekit? I did understand the review that this is possible without any extra hub, just for the extra zones/entities I would need the app - which actually is not needed after initial setup anymore.

According to this review (and despite what someone was insisting earlier in this thread), you do NOT appear to need an aquara hub to pair this with Home Assistant. That’s good news.

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Yup, no hubs are needed to add it via the HomeKit Controller Integration. You can even delete the app afterwards, it will still work with Home Assistant. However, when I cut the internet to the device, it goes offline and doesn’t report anything. So it appears it’s still reliant on the cloud. I will tinker some more