Aqara Opple 6-button switch stops generating ZHA events

I managed to pair the switch via ZHA integration and a reflashed CC2531 dongle from Itead. Since the only entity that comes up in HA is the power status, I started listening to zha_events to document them for use in automations.

I’ve now noticed that the events stop being generated after several minutes of idle time. Is that a characteristic of the Aqara to conserve battery life or is my HA setup to blame? What could I look at to learn more?


What events are you expecting to see if the device is idle?

That was poorly worded on my part. I meant that no events were being generated or at least reported by the listener on button presses after several minutes of idle.

OK that is concerning as I have one on the way from China.

If it helps, it seems to be working fine with Zigbee2MQTT

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Hi I have one of these that was working fine in zha but since I upgraded my coordinator to the new Sonoff version 3.0 dongle it only provides a diagnostic sensor for the battery level and doesn’t do anything else.