Aqara Opple, paired to Zigbee2mqtt in home assistant, turns on/off all my switchs without configuration. How to deactivate that behavior?

I have got an Aqara Opple, 6 button controller. I paired it to my Zigbee controller in home assistant.

Without any further configuration, when I press the first two buttons every Zigbee switch will go on and the second one will turn them off.

Events are showing up in HA, but in order to use it I have to suppress that behavior.

I followed the instructions here: with no success.

I can’t figure out how to do it. The documentation states that I should unbind using a target device (I guess that is the group name), but there is no group name in my case.

I called the mqtt.publish service with this payload:

topic: zigbee2mqtt/bridge/unbind/control_opple
payload: control_opple
qos: 2
retain: true

I couldn’t find a way to list bound devices. And even though I know the payload is wrong, I get a “Source Undefined or not a device” error, So I don’t think I have reached the payload point yet.

Can anyone help with an example?

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Seems more have this problem

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Seeing same behavior on connecting to Conbee II, oddly not when connecting to the Zigbee Hub 3. Problem is from that hub I am also unable to get the button into Home Assistant. Really annoying, I bought a couple of these things.

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Hello everyone,

I have just received two of this kind.

I have exactly the same behavior,
the top button is setting on (or off) ALL my zigbee switches. The others did nothing.

And they show in deconz, but not in HA (at least not yet…).
And now deconz_event when pressing the buttons.

Did you finally identify how to correct it?


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Found the solution
After the initial connection pairing to the network, press again reset once, a short press.


For anyone else having a dig trying to get these to work, this solution from @vdelab worked, and got my Aqara Opple 6 way switch to stop broadcasting on/off messages to my entire device network directly. Thank you!

Is there a way to verify this? I followed your steps and reset my other zigbee switches so everything was working normally again, but noticed this evening that my zigbee switches disappeared from deconz again - my other zigbee devices stayed online.