Aqara presence sensor fp2 false detection

I have the Aqara presence sensor fp2 for awhile now. When I look at the reviews online, everybody is extremely happy with it.

But mine doesn’t work as well. I’m alone in my house and when walk from the kitchen to the living room area It stays on “Precences” in de kitchen.

If you look at the picture, I was stand between the two couches.
And still it detected presence everywhere i walked.

Does anyone has the same problem?

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Mine forgets that it’s supposed to ignore my ceiling fan on occasion. Running through the ‘ai learn’ routine (under settings for your sensor in the Aquara app) seems to clear the phantoms.

…But mine, fortunately, doesn’t detect me as a quantum being in all states at once… :slight_smile:

So…What did you with it?

Don’t understand the question - I didn’t do anything except run the calibration routine. I have to re run it on occasion but otherwise…

Laatste Update al geinstaleerd op de fp2 sensor?

Ja zeker! Dat is denk het het eerste wat je doet.

Do you have the fan on or off when you do the “learning” thing and where you found it in the menu? You have to do this periodically or just once? I just got one of these and I’m struggling with it…goes bonkers with several “people” roaming when my fan is on and also seems to think extra pillows moved on the bed are “people”.

Fan on while learning.

I haven’t had to do it in months and honestly don’t currently even have the Aquara app installed right now

Still playing with it a bit but I’m starting to wonder if mine is faulty or it just can’t work in my place…I just keep getting extra “people” appearing and turning down sensitivity it will “lose” me if I stay still too long.

I solved it now, mine works perfect and also after a few updates.
I did the following:

Set sensitivity to low or medium, never high.
Create actual exits where it can’t see me anymore.
Create a interference zone for every plant or funiture if it detects motion there.

Also, be sure to manually train your sensor - do not use the automated AI feature. Make sure to take your phone and walk the entirety of the room, map everything out by hand, including dead zones - and then - once done with the above, let it finish with its self-learning session at the end (leave the fan on, for that part).

I haven’t yet setup in a room that is most likely to give me problems with the fan - but by skipping the Auto Room Learning and manually doing everything myself has solved all of my other problems thus far.

If I sound confusing - there are two self-learning bits. I forget the exact names. The first one, the one you want to skip, is at the beginning of the sensor setup where you can either manually paint the room, or let it try to automagically figure it out. The second self-learning, is after all of the above, it asks you to leave the room and ensure it is empty (this part you still do).