Aqara roller shade E1 reporting wrong number as current position

Hello, I have bought Aqara roller shade E1 and I am using it to control venetian blinds. I’ve created scripts for controlling the tilt of the blinds by moving the motor relative to the current position, but this implementation sometimes didn’t work correctly. While investigating why is it sometimes not setting the tilt correctly, I have found that simetimes when I set position of the blinds to some percentage, it will jump to a different percentage once the motor stops. For example when I set the position to 0%, the blinds will completely shut, but after few seconds the position gets set to 2%. However, when I then try to set it again to 0% the blinds don’t move at all and the position then jumps again to 2%. So it doesn’t seem like it’s an issue with the device, because it knows it’s at 0%, but something is setting the current position to some slightly off value.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Same issue here, but I have a Moes roller shade.