Aqara S1 Scene Panel Switch

I’ve come across the Aqara S1 scene panel switch recently and was curious how well it integrates with Home Assistant. I can’t find much documentation about it. Anyone tried to use it?

I’d like to have an easy to use touchpanel that can control part of the automation. I guess I could build one with a pi, a touch screen and a custom case but this looked interesting and ready to use.



Have you gotten any further integration/using the S1 with Home Assistant? I’m thinking of ordering one or two just because the look so damn good. :joy:

It appears that it is supported by Zigbee2mqtt. So appears to be somewhat functional. Interested if anyone has any luck?

you will get basic features after setting up in aqara app. scene panel should come with 3 switches, and provides 3 pages, main page being weather and date and time, switches page and scene page.
it supports gesture too to change the pages.

scene pages must be added via aqara.

i’m using the scene panel to control other aqara switches. other than that, if your lightings are not compatible with aqara, you can’t control them. you could however control them indirectly using home assistant.

m2 hub for scene panel connected to china region, no google home support.
the normal hub for other aqara devices connected to other region, google home is supported.

any updates on the functionality with ZHA or ZHA@MQTT?
as yesterday was the S1E panel introduced…


also interested in that. Aqara Smart Switch S1E looks promising for an entrance-control-panel.

Thanks and regards