Aqara sensor humidity readings wrong/off - Conbee II

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Already had two Aqara temperature and humidity sensors on my HA-setup, I’m using a Conbee II and running on a RPI 3+.

Recently bought two more Aqara sensors and pairing them to Conbee worked without issue. However, I’m seeing a strange pattern that I might want to attempt fixing.

Sensor 1 and 2, the old sensors, have fairly similar humidity readings when placed next to each other and the same with sensor 3 and 4, the new ones. But sensor 3 and 4 are regularly between 2-5 % higher than sensor 1 and 2.

I’ve tried placing the sensors next to each other in different spots of my house, and the difference seems to be consistent. I have a non-smart sensor that mostly agrees with sensor 1 and 2.
Example from this morning:
sensor 1: 51,6 %
sensor 2: 52,0 %
sensor 3: 55,2 %
sensor 4: 54,5 %

I am aware that the sensors have an error-range of 3% with humidity, but I’m still wondering if there’s any way to take this difference into account when showing the data in Home Assistant - or if I should just say “meh” and let it go?

(Locked down, so have the time to spend).


I would say “meh” :joy: But you could also do something like this

Keep in mind the 3% is +/-, so you could have a 6% difference between any 2 sensors. I agree with @sjee, just make a template sensor for the others to normalize them.

Or, if you plan on leaving them in the same room, combine them with a statistics sensor. This way you only need to make decisions on a single sensor.