Aqara Sensor shows only Temperature in Homekit and not Humidity

In the Home Assistant at Entities I can find my Aqara Sensors which has one sensor for temperature and one for humidity. In my Home App on iOS (Homekit) I can only see the temperature. Is there anything I have to configurate to see both in iOS?

Make sure the device_class is set correctly and their unit of measurement is correct. Homekit is very picky.

Humidity sensors have to have % as their unit_of_measurement and humidity as their device_class. I assume it has that since it seems to have the humidity icon already…

Go to developer tools, states, and search for your humidity sensor there. What is the reported attributes for that sensor?

sensor.temperature_and_humidity_sensor_020a_humidity 39 unit_of_measurement: % friendly_name: Luftfeuchtigkeit icon: mdi:water-percent
sensor.temperature_and_humidity_sensor_020a_temperature 21.9 unit_of_measurement: °C friendly_name: Temperatur icon: mdi:thermometer

Can you give me an example how to bring it to work?