Aqara Single Switch Module/Relay T1 SSM-U01 = Stroboscope/Disco lightning issue ? ??

recently I bought Aqara Single Switch Module/Relay T1 SSM-U01. My idea was to use it in a hallway with a classic wall light switch(turn on, turn off). I wanted to be able to push the button and the light would turn on…push again turn off, add a motion sensor later this week, so that it will light up automatically when a motion is detected.

But I am having an issue with the module/relay, when I use it standalone without installed wall light switch, it works, I can use the light through the app, but I also want to be able to turn the light by the classic light switch. When I connected the light switch and the light is turned OFF, ok works, but when turned ON, the light is like a stroboscope 1s on, 1s off, 1s on, 1s of… never ending story. I am not owning a disco club. Has anybody idea what is the cause? Anybody had similar issues?

I also figured out that this abnormal stroboscope disco behaviour is only with switches which do have a LED inside them(to be able to be seen in dark). Regular 20years old switches do not have the disco issue with Aqara.