Aqara switch module with no event in HASS


I’ve bought and installed an Aqara T1 (no neutral) switch behind my doorbell (old style), and I’m able to make it ring from HA (well, not really usefull I must say).
However, when I press my old doorbell button, the doorbell rings but I don’t manage to capture any event in NodeRed or HASS Dev Tools : It’s really a shame, because I’d like to detect when someone rings and trigger automations …

Does anyone faced such issue ?


I think that is a zigbee device. How do you have is integrated into home assistant? ZHA? Xiaomi Gateway? Zigbee2mqtt?

Hi @nickrout !
Yes, it’s a zigbee device that I have integrated on my ConbeeII with ZHA.
Home assistant is running on a Pi3.


Supports on/off, not events.

I’m so disappointed :frowning:
How do you know ? Is it written somewhere ?

Does it mean there is no solution for my old school doorbell (without neutral) ?

What entity does it create in ha?

Only one entity is created : the one that is able to turn on/off the light (doorbell in my situation)

And are you saying that that entity doesn’t change state when you press the switch?

No, the current situation is the following :

  • This entity is able to command the module (meaning make the doorbell ring)
  • When I press the doorbell button, the doorbell rings (that’s ok) BUT I don’t have any event in ZHA, meaning I can’t use the doorbel lto trigger any automation.

It’s very strange because on every other module I have for my switches (Sonoff), there is an event that is sent to ZHA…

How is it wired?

Like this :
2021-09-07 23_17_16-单路控制模块 T1 单火线(海外版)说明书
I’m assuming it’s wired correctly as the doorbell rings when I press the button (meaning when S0 and S1 are in contact)

What entity is created by home assistant? What is its state when the doorbell is pressed. It should turn on and off (in ha)

It’s a Switch entity that is created in HA :

It commands the doorbell, so the doorbell rings as long as the entity is “on”. Nothing special here…

If you won’t answer the questions, I cannot help you.

I’ll try again.

Look in dev-tools | states. Does the state of this entity change when you press the doorbell? (I don’t know how much simpler I can make it).

Hi @nickrout ,
thanks for you comment, I didn’t understand exactly what you expected, but now it’s ok: due to your last message, I’ve seen that state is changing when I push on the button, so I’ve been able to capture the interaction with an Event State node in node red :wink:

Thanks again,

No problem, my last post probably sounded a little harsh, sorry about that.

I know little about node red, but you can certainly trigger an automation in HA based on the state.

Glad you worked it out.

After few tests, I found that node-red trigger is not triggered everytime it should be : I’ll try with a HA automation instead…