Aqara T1 (SSM-U01) - reconnect and lost settings every now and then

I had like 10 switches with SSM-U01 relay. And like almost all of them from time to time lose connection and reconnect. And when that happens - all of their settings like swith mode, restore on power loss, power outage count is reset. And my switches are self return ones so i need to set switch in momentary mode in settings. And so i forced to do it every day. Super annoying.

Is there a way to fix this? Or at least on recconect to set switch type automatically via some scripts?

Not sure just how much of a help this is, but I can say that I face the same issue with losing settings.

It‘s annoying to say the least, but I have yet to find the root cause. Since I‘m not using the Aqara bridge, and instead I’m pairing the devices through ZigBee2MQTT, I‘m suspecting the firmware to be needing a fix - it‘s from Dec 30 2021.

I have the same issue with these switches. I need them to be in momentary mode and they occasionally revert to toggle mode, which is very annoying. I don’t know if there is a way to fix the root cause, but in case you are interested, I solved this with an automation hack that forces the switch type after it has changed. Not very pretty, but it seems to work.

- id: ensure_light_switches_are_in_momentary_mode
  alias: "Ensure light switches are in momentary mode"
    - platform: state
        - select.my_aqara_switch_id_01_switch_type
        - select.my_aqara_switch_id_02_switch_type
        - select.my_aqara_switch_id_03_switch_type
      to: "toggle"
    - service: select.select_option
        entity_id: "{{ trigger.entity_id }}"
        option: "momentary"