Aqara Temperature/Humidity Sensors Stop Reporting


I have a few of the Aqara Temperature/Humidity Sensors (Wireless Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor | Aqara) and am seeing some strange behavior in Home Assistant. I was able to successfully add them in Zigbee2MQTT, and they show up fine as devices in Home Assistant. However, for all 3 of them, after about 15min of reporting new temperatures, they just freeze on whatever value they are at and keep reporting that same value (i.e. the line in “history” just becomes a flat line. Has anybody else encountered this issue?


How is the link quality on the sensors? If you hold a sensor in your hand, does it not report increase in temperature? I have a lot of these around my house and the only time they stop reporting is when they are out of battery.

You can also try clicking the button on the sensor, see if it reports new values.

I do have more or less the same problem.
one of my Aquara hum temp press devices suddenly disapeared in Z2M.
At the same time Z2M did crash.
After restart the Z2M docker the device is not there anymore. All others are still working oke. (About 10 of them).
Maybe nothing to do with problem above, but it is strange behaviour with Aquara.

Is your device still available in Z2M?

I have the same problem and was able to re-pair one of the sensors but another one shows temperature/humidity in the Z2M but the values are not available in home assistant, it shows unknown.

Have you found out what’s behind it?

also after restart HA?

I re-pair all sensors and it’s back. These tiny issues are really tiresome. Like other zigbee devices, they simply time to time do not react. I changed deconz to sonoff/z2m and the situation is even worse

Yes, exactly the same issue. I’ve got 3 sensors and all “become flat” at the same time - after a HA restart. So far the only thing that helps is to re-pair them.