Aqara temperature sensor wrong temperature

Hi All,

i’m new to home assistant, and have a little setup. Bought 5 Aqara zigbee plugs to measure electrical usage. Now I found that the Aqara plugs also measure room temperature. So I wanted to create an automation if the room temperature went below threshold, my heater plug turned on, so the heater starts working.
It is all connected with Dresden Conbee II Zigbee stick. So i don’t have an Aqara gateway hub or some sort. So i dont know if the devices report to Aqara app the right way.

So to continue to my problem, the problem is that the room temperature in Home-assistant is 0.3 degrees C or 0.2 degrees C
It should read somewhere between 17-19 degrees C.
I also have Hue motion sensors, which also measure temperature, and those are displaying the right temperature within HA.

is there within HA a solution, or is the easiest solution to buy other temperature sensors :slight_smile:

If this question is not allowed, please tell me, then I will delete.
Thanks in Advance!

Exactly which Zigbee integration are you using with the Conbee II dongle/adapter? It can be used with the native ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation) integration, or instead deCONZ/Phoscon, or Zigbee2MQTT via MQTT, (but each Zigbee dongle/adapter/stick can only use one of them).

If using the ZHA integration and all plugs show the same wrong values then suggest report as a bug to the ZHA Device Handlers reposiroty on GitHub →

The reason for that is explained in ZHA documentation here →

Regardless I would suggest not to trust the measuring of room temperature by a mains-power plug from any manufactuurer as they will generate some heat themselves that will mess with the sensor.

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Thanks for the Reply, I’m using ZHA. and yess all plugs do measure wrong temperature.

So I will report a bug at the GitHub you mentioned. But I will also go looking for a temperature sensor. (Maybe Im buying an Extra Hue sensor.)


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