Aqara temperature sensors are losing the connection

Hey @all,
I have a problem with some Aqara temperature sensors. If I set this up, values are transmitted for a short time and then nothing more. What can be the reason? Battery is new and signal strength is 84lqi. Deleted and set up again several times in the Zigbee2MQTT, but without success. Other sensors work fine. I use a SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus on the HA.

If you do a search (here and on the net), you will see a lot of issues with Aqara End-Devices disconnecting from non-Aqara Routers.

In my experience via Z2M, the End-Devices would reliably connect exclusively to Aqara Routers, such as their smart plugs. In my quest not to be Aqara-dependent - and also not have to repurchase multiple Temp, Door Contact, and PIR sensors - I stumbled upon the generic TuYa smart plug Model TS011F_plug_1 . My Aqara sensors have been reliably connected to this plug for almost a month; they have not dropped off the network and continue to report changes as/when expected.

I have 2 other Aqara devices - Rollershade E1 and MiniSwitch - that are stubborn and will only connect to the Coordinator (Generic CC2538 with CC2592 amplifier).

The exact one I purchased is Aubess ZigBee Smart Plug 20A and looks to be readily available under various brands on AliExpress.

I am also using the Sonoff S31ZB and have only been able to connect Aqara devices to it sporadically. Eventually they drop off the network if connected through the S31ZB. Since I primarily have Aqara End-Devices, the S31ZB effectively only serve to extend the Zigbee mesh. Hope that’s helpful.

Following this topic, have you had any issues with your Aqara devices since you posted this? I have same issue and would like to try your solution

Recommend reading these (applies to all Zigbee solutions and are not specific to mentioned solutions):

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Thanks. I will take a look