Aqara Thermostat E1 Operation and Update Challanges


i was wandering if one of you guys have simalre challenges with the Aqare Thermostat.

I am running the latest docker instance of HomeAssistant (2024.3.3) with a Conebee II (latest firmware) using ZAH.

So far everything is fine. I am looking to replace my homematic thermostat so i bought the one form aquare. (inside HA is it identified as lumi.airrtc.agl001 from LUMI)

What i experienced at the beginning was a very poor resoluten. It was just rarrly changing measured temperatures with a one 1°C resolution. And it got stuck to .6 (21.6 22.6 etc - you get the idea…).

And it did not show the opening state of the valve as the homematic thermostat did.
I can live with the missing valve state but the resolution bugs me.

The device came with the firmware 0x00000019 and with OTA activated, HA presented me an update for 0x00000a1e. So I did update it.

It was working well but after the update, the device was showing the current version as 0x0000001e and not as 0x00000a1e - any attempt to update it again does not change anything.

And the resolution is still quite bad.

I did get it to change the measured temperature some times after the update tries but i think this is due to the restart of the device.

It also shows very few measuring points. I placed a aqare temperature sensor next to the thermostat and the resolution is way better.

Does any of you have experienced something like this? Any tips?

  • Does the resolution is normal?
  • Is the version correct? Whats the latest version you are running?

Thanks for your help!

I got in contact with other owner of the very same device and all of them confirmed that the resolution is just 1°C…

Has anyone any recommendation, apart form Homematic/HomematicIP?

I think it should be Zigbee…