Aqara TVOC

I’ve had the Aqara TVOC temperature / humidity sensor connected for a while vie Zigbee and I keep having issues with it. It quite often disconnects or does not report any values.

I have other smaller Aqara temp sensors and those work fine.

I tried removing and re-pairing again the TVOC but eventually it stops working again. When I reconfigure the device, I get some warnings

Any idea what could be the reason?


Have exactly the same problem (2~3 times per month), using it via deconz integration. Easy fix (working in 99% of cases) is to short press button on top of the sensor to bring it back to life.

I have the same issue from time to time. Like you, I have found the solution to be a short press of the button on the TVOC sensor. This gets it to update itself and then pass this data back to HA.

Resetting the TVOC sensor sometimes works but after a random lapse of time, it stops working again. I’ve had only issues with this sensor :confused: