Aqara - Two-way Module

Hi all, been looking for an in-wall module that lets me remotely control my lights, that also provides a local button to toggle.

“AQara Two-way Module” seems to fit the bill… I think it’s what I need. Anyone used this with Home Assistant yet? Already got the Aqara gateway working, amongst other Aqara ecosystem parts.

EDIT: Probably helps if I link the product…

Just seeing what people know about this one!

I’ve ordered a couple as found a banggood voucher, got 2 for £30. Will report once I’ve tested them.


Came today and are recongnised as 2 separate lights in Phoscon. Loud relays but should be ok once behind a light switch / fitting. In HA they show up as a light and a switch ! Which is fine for me as I’m using one for bathroom lights and fan

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Awesome thanks for the response. I ended up ordering one anyway… Cheers

Just to be clear, is this a zigbee device?

Yes sure is.

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Sorry to write in a such old topic.
But I don’t understand how to use my “AQara Two-way Module”. In my entities I only have that after adding it in deCONZ.

Name Entity ID
lumi.relay.c2acn01 sensor.consumption_8
lumi.relay.c2acn01 sensor.power_9
Unknown 1 light.unknown_1

Can you explain me how do you use it?
thank you,