Aqara Vibration Sensor issue

Hello, I have an issue with Aqara Vibration Sensor. I do not use Aqara Hub and discovered a sensor via Zigbee2Mqtt. It is well discovered and has all entities. The problem is that this is the only sensor which is not integrating with HomeKit. I have many others discovered the same way and all of them are well visible in my Home app on iPhone, bot NOT THIS one. Any suggestions?

Hey. Can you post some logs? Is it working well in HA!

It is working well for HA. I see Vibration Sensor.
Problem is that I have integration with HomeKit on my iPhone and it does not “publish” this sensor to Home App.
I discovered I have the same issue with Aquara button devices.

I have a suspicion that those sensors who do not have ‘values’ and only actions are not integrated.