Aqara vibration sensor tilt and orientation not updating

I’ve attached an Aqara vibration sensor to my garage door using a ConBee II gateway with deconz. My goal was to detect if the door is open or closed based on the tilt of the sensor. What looks to be happening is if the door is opened and closed within a short interval, the sensor will not report the final resting position. This is most noticeable if you open the door a few feet and then immediately close it.

I set the sensitivity to the most sensitive level (1), but that hasn’t helped.

I’d read that these sensors limit reporting to at most once per minute. That would be fine, as long as the sensor eventually reports it’s final position within a few minutes. It doesn’t look to be doing that.

Anyone else notice similar things with their sensor? If not, I wonder if it’s not a reporting issue but that the sensor is too far from any other ZigBee sensors or the gateway itself.

did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue.

No, in the meantime I’ve switched to both ZHA and using the magnet style door sensors instead.