Aqara Video Doorbell G4 Announced with future Matter support

At CES this year Aqara annouced a new video doorbell that is supposed to drop this month in February.

Some highlights:

  • HomeKit Secure Video
  • Local streaming
  • Included USB-C chime that doubles as WiFi extender
  • Supports wired power
  • Claims it will work with Matter when the standard is expanded to support cameras

I want a local-only wired doorbell with as much integration with home assistant as possible. I’ve been eyeing the Unifi G4 Pro but it’s never in stock and is really like a $500+ investment since I don’t own a Unifi console device. I do run Unifi access points but host the OS on my TrueNAS.

The Matter support has me really intrigued here but I know it could be months or years before that’s working. :confused:

Don’t buy a device based on the promise of something. I’ve been burnt before.
I’m keen for this doorbell to have matter support, not just a promise of it.
I know with matter video is a future addition and very happy to wait.

Yeah good advice. I finally broke down and got the G4 Doorbell Pro. I installed it last week and it’s working well so far.

But there aren’t a decent way to integrate it while keeping the full homekit functionality though.

And a little advice on anyone who has one, there’s a huge problem in early firmware(1.0.x or so) which was shipped with mine. It drains the battery little less than a month. They claim to have fix that in the update log of version 3.5.2_0012.0030.
I HAVEN’T tested it but you might wanna a heads up should you decide to stick to the old firware.


is there a way to integrate in HA? And if yes, which entities are?

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Double that question. Integration in HA is key for me.

Native, HACS, custom, …? Anyone, anything?

By the way: „EUDOORBELLG4“ gives a nice 20 € discount on the G4 at Amazon.

It has some limitations, for details you can see this post Adding Aqara G4 to HA
And you can’t use functions that come with homekit security recordings (history, local face recognition, etc) since you’ll be using HA to bridge it back to homekit (if you need to).
I wouldn’t recommand it.
Any other advice on native integration is appreciated.

Oh well… that doesn’t sound very promising. I have one laying here now, probably sending it back without opening it at all, based on what I read about integration possibilities and limitations.

Other way around:

What’s currently possible at all in terms of integration?
Which features and entities are available?

  • using HomeKit gives a low quality video stream