Aqara Wall Switch EndDevice?

I just set up the Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch H1 EU (no neutral, single rocker) and I noticed the zigbee2mqtt shows as EndDevice.

I thought all powered devices were likely to be routers. Does anyone know if this is due to the fact there’s no EndDevice connected to it or if this is indeed an end device?

If it’s the latter, is there any way to know upfront? My plan was to install the smart switches first over my place so I would have a good coverage.

If you can get a list of “children” that connect to the device, wait an hour or two and see if anything joins it.

It also depends on what the manufacturer has done with the firmware. If it has defined it as a end-point. I have just ordered one so hopefully Wednesday I can give my experience.

Same with the Sonoff ZBMINI-L no neutral, it’s also an end device and not a router (apparently confirmed by the manufacturer).

The likely reason is the “no neutral” part of their feature set, which means they probably don’t get enough current to run as a Zigbee router.

Yeah, this was my feeling @robertklep but I was hopping to be wrong. I just set up an Ikea led and it shows as router so I’ll change my strategy and focus in the lighting first.

@X4LD1M0 let me know :slight_smile: is it the no neutral?

Yes it is a no-neutral since it is a rented place.Can’t change the wiring as I would like :wink:

I can personally recommend “IKEA TRÅDFRI Signal Repeater” as a dedicated Zigbee Router device.

It for example works much better as a Zigbee Router in comparison to most Zigbee power-outlet plugs.

Another powerful option is buy a few CC2652P dongles and flash with Zigbee Router firmware, see ex:

Once such CC2652P dongles is flashed with Zigbee Router firmware can use USB-changer for power.

I have just been able to install mine (had to purchase a spacer since the box in the wall wasn’t deep enough) and can confirm it is an EndDevice. Most likely this is also done to reduce the power consumption, as a router it would constantly need to receive and transmit. As an EndDevice it only needs to when required, or when being polled. It has to use the current via the exisiting lights so the less it consumes the better, less risk that any light might glow or flicker.

I just installed a switch with neutral and I can say that it indeed it’s a router. It also shows consumption which is really cool :slight_smile:

Does it work with aquara devices?

I read somewhere they are not very friendly with repeaters.

Yes it should, though you may have to re-pair the Aqara device which can sometimes be a pain with Aqara decices, see

Again also follow