Aqara Wall Switch - Switch one light source from two or more switches

Can I control the same lightbulb with 2 or more switches?

So basically let’s say I have a lamp in the corridor and I would like to turn switch this light on / off from three different switches (for example one end of the corridor, the other end of the corridor and middle of the corridor).

Connect the light to just one physical switch.
Use the other 2 switches just as buttons that send the signal to HA to toggle the “real” switch.

Makes sense?

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Um. Yeah so I guess you connect the smart switches not to the light source (lamp) but to this physical switch?

No. I have this setup so I know something about it. To use two or more switches to control one light you will have to set up switches like this.
One switch will be master switch, meaning this switch will physically control light. Other switch or switches will be slave switches. They dont control physically light. They are just connected to load and neutral wire, that they can have power.
Switches are controlled with automation on home assistant or ie. with tuya app in a way that when you turn on one switch it will turn on other switches and light. The same for turning it off.
But just for connecting switches you will need electrician if you are not skilled enough.
I called electrician and explained him what and how I want this to work.

Okay so basically you can control the master switch with the other switches by setting them up to do so in home assistant right?

Yes, I use this solution

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