Aqara water leak sensor : what is identify


I just bought an aqara water leak sensor :

Schermafbeelding 2022-03-13 072259

I was wondering what the ‘identify’ does ?

Press it.

I’m guessing it either beeps or flashes a LED.

Nope, nothing happens…

I think that presently it only works for smart bulbs like Ikea Tradfri which I can confirm are working, when you press the button the lamp flashes. You can either use this to confirm which physical lamp the entity is or as an effect e.g. to silently signal when motion is detected in the back yard etc.

I am guessing that for it to be effective in other devices then the vendors will need to accomodate this feature in their firmware. For now you could can probably just disable the button entities if you don’t need them.

Probably can’t work with battery devices as they go to seep and can’t be woken up remotely.

Yes, that makes sense.