Aqara Window Sensor Shows Open/Closed Simultaneously


I’m completely new to home assistant and have done my best to search for someone having the same issue but could not find anything.

I have home assistant yellow and connected my aqara window sensor.

Unfortunately every time I open the window, the sensor shows both open and closed simultaneously.

As my experience is extremely limited, I set everything up via the UI and not yaml.

At first I thought I had set up my notification automations incorrectly but after deleting my automations and looking at the logbook I can see that the sensor itself reports as both open/closed every time the window is either opened or closed.

Is there something more I need to configure to get the sensor to work correctly?

Thank you.

post your logbook screenshot here.

by the way, it could be a mis-alignment of the sensor, given that it works with magnet, it can jump between states very quickly (and wrongly)

Thank you. I didn’t think the sensor was that sensitive as I’m coming from having a lorex window sensor in the same place. Hopefully that’s the issue. Much appreciated.