Aqara Zigbee Light Switch v Moes Zigbee Light Switch - No Neutral Versions

Hi guys,

I’m looking at picking up a good few Zigbee light switches and when searching for Aqara switches I noticed a very similar looking Moes Zigbee no neutral switches.

Has anyone got much experience using these and how comparable are they to Aqara?

I’ve so good experience from using Aqara switches, Aqara products in general to be fair, but the price difference to the Moes is very tempting unless they’re rubbish…

I did use a Moes Zigbee light switch a few years ago that was rubbish, kept dropping out and has a squealing noise off the relay so I’m a little reluctant to go that direction again…

Aqara Version:

Moes Version:


I currently have couple of the Moes ones (1 & 2 gang no neutral). They have a bit of plasticky, somewhat cheap feeling to them, but not something that is really noticable, once you start using them. They have a moderate tacktile feedback when pressing so you know if you have pressed them enough, which again is nice.

Unfortunatelly i still don’t have the aqara one to compare to, but i am planning to check them at some point, just out of curiosity. I also have a couple of Moes scene switches, that look identical to the actual switches, which is also a nice bonus for consistent look. They also work as intended and my toddler is quite happy with them since she can move freely and turn lights on when she needs without having to call us for assistance.
So all in all, give the Moes ones a try since they are nice enough and cheap enough to test. Or if price for testing is not an issue try both versions and maybe return the one you don’t like as much.

You can check this video, which somewhat covers the topic, even though i don’t 100% agree with him for the switch feeling, but that’s subjective. Even though this is a good starting point.

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