Aqara Zigbee plug not showing energy

Hi, i have several Aqara Zigbee Plugs, that now they are not showing the energy or power in HA.
They are connected to an Aqara Hub (v3).

This is the plug:

Any ideas?

Are you sure it’s Zigbee? I have 4 that are Zigbee and 2 that are Wifi. The wifi ones don’t have power monitoring. Alternatively, have you confirmed the entities are enabled in the integration? Should be the case, but worth checking.

Dear @michaelblight

Thanks for the reply!

  1. yes, the plug is zigbee

  2. already checked the hub integration options and the device integratio . Please se below the screenshots:

The only other thing I can think of is to delete it and re-add. I’ve had issues with some Zigbee devices not showing up all entities, but I don’t think it was with the plugs. Worth a try though and maybe you’ll get lucky. I assume it does show the power in the Aqara app? And there’s nothing in the log? I use a different hub, so my situation is a bit different.

The top few hits from Google show people with the same problem, but none of them are using the Aqara hub and integration.

When you say “delete”, are you refering at what? The device is not possibe to delete (from what i’ve seen).

Recently i found other issues that once were ok, meanwhile were not ok (like this one), but after waiting for updates, they were put back as originally, therefore, corrected. Do you think that this may be the case? I can just wait a few weeks and see…


Delete it from the Aqara app and add it back in again. That is assuming you’re using Mi Home. Hold down on the device, and then “Delete device” is at the bottom right (I had to scroll a bit to see it on an iPhone 13). I figure it’s worth a try. And assuming you’ve set it up as Mainland China, you could try manually adding it back because there’s many options.

As for waiting, I don’t see anybody else raising ‘exactly’ the same issue as you (nothing relevant in github for the integration either). If you only had the one plug, I would say it was faulty - I had a dud vibration sensor that wouldn’t stay paired. Were they all bought from the same (possibly dodgy) supplier? I haven’t bought any more for about 2 years because all Zigbee plugs seem to have doubled in price (although Ikea now has one for $20AU). I’m not going to spend $40 at AliExpress when I can buy a wifi equivalent down the road for $16.

But I don’t have a specific solution for you. I have an Aqara hub connected through the Aqara Gateway integration, but don’t use it for Zigbee (it’s now my doorbell). My Aqara Zigbee plugs (and door sensors, temp sensors, vibration sensor) are all connected to a Conbee using deCONZ. I also have an Aqara robot vacuum, air purifier, and 3 wifi plugs connected through the Mi Home app. Some are connected via Mainland China, and some in my region (AU). So I have a bit of a mess, but it all works (most of the time).


I’ve tried to delete 1 and add it again, but didn’t solve the issue.
One note: they are connected via Aqara Hub. I know that xiaomi devices behave differently regarding the hub they’re connected to (for instance to Xiaomi Smart Hub).

Really don’t know…

I have the same issue with the US version of the plug. I have it connected via the M2 hub. Latest version prior to the matter available update.