Aqara ZNLDP12LM tunable white smart LED

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I have 4 Xiaomi Aqara ZNLDP12LM tunable white smart LED lights and am able to pair them to my Xiaomi Aquara Hub and control them with Mi-Home, however they are not represented in the Home Assistant Console with my other devices attached the to Xiaomi hub.
I can see that there are several discussions on this device using the zigbee2mqtt component and associated hardware. Has anyone managed to get this device to work in Home Assistant with the Xiaomi Hub component alone?

bulbs/lights/etc that might be integrated to the Xiaomi hub are not supported by the HA Xiaomi integration - see for what is.

Strictly speaking you haven’t integrated the bulbs with the hub but with Mi-home - the hub only handles (xiaomi) zigbee devices. HA talks direct to the hub - not mihome…

Hi Walaj,
Thanks for your reply.
I was aware that this was an unsupported device but was hoping for a way to integrate it.
It is in fact a zigbee device and can be seen when I look at the entity registry in Home Assistant. I just does not appear in the Lights card on the overview tab. Any ideas?

Apparently there is an open issue for this problem:

It appear that the issue is that the Xiaomi Aquara gateway is not correctly reporting the model of the device.
I may need to wait for an update to the gateway software.

interesting - didn’t know (zigbee) bulbs were included.

Have solutions to this issue?

I have not seen any solution. I installed Zigbee2mqtt to replace the Aqara bridge which solved the issue for me.

If it happens to have one of the new “Mi Smart Home Hub”, the one with zigbee 3.0, the new Xiaomi Gateway 3 integration works with this lamp!