Aqara's FP1 detector remains stuck on "detected"

Hello everyone,

Do any of you have it? If yes, do you manage to make it not detect anything?

It detects well the presence when someone passes in front of it, but remains blocked on “Detected”. I must have missed something in the settings, right?


Is there a fan or anything else moving in its field of view?

Nope nothing. I forget to sayd, i used it with deconz, maybe is that ?

EDIT : 8 minutes it detect me but nothing happen after…

EDIT 2 : Need to click on Reset presence so that it detects me again.

Try changing the USB power supply, some are too noisy and make problems with the FP1 sensor.

Also, move the sensor away from any other electronic devices that may generate electromagnetic fields.

Okay will try with that. The thing is, i want to use it on my laundry :confused: