Aquanta Water Heater Controller

Searched the Community and Google for anything already mentioned and haven’t seen anything. Curious if anyone else has played with the Aquanta Water Heater Controller (

I’ve been bringing on more of my home with HA over this year and recently bought a new water heater. Went with AO Smith and their “non-smart” model. Minimally I’d like to track temperature in HA but being able to control the unit via this controller would be even better.

I purchased two aquanta controllers for my AOSmith heaters. They seem to work, though it’s only been 1 day. Obviously interested in opportunities to integrate, so following this thread.

Given they have a web portal, seems like it should at least be possible to scrape the contents of the webpage, right?

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I’ve recently added one of these on my John Wood water heater. Works quite well. Also looking for an integration.
As per their FAQ they seem to be willing to work with third parties, maybe HA can be a smart home platform they would want to work with

We have a cloud-based data interface that allows us to integrate and exchange data with other smart home devices, and have integration activities underway with several of the leading smart home platforms. These will be announced as they become available. At this time we are not offering an open API.

Just purchased one of these today and would like to see an integration for it in the future!

Seems to be a lack of add-on smart water heater devices out there. Would be nice to see a partnership with Aquanta.

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There are integrations with homebridge so it seems possible

Now all we need is someone to port this into a Custom Component

I’m extremely interested in this. The Aquanta functionality is pretty limited so the effort to implement most or all of it should not be too great.

The biggest challenge, IMO, is that they do not offer a public API at the moment, however it does look like the homebridge integration is utilizing an API, public or not.

If someone else doesn’t tackle this soon, I might have time to pick it up.

I’ve started working on this, luckily for me there’s already a PyPi package that helped me get started since I can use it directly in the integration: aquanta · PyPI

I will hopefully have something to release in the next few days for others to try out, assuming there are no roadblocks.

I’ve finished an extremely limited version of the integration here which can be added as a custom HACS repo: GitHub - bmcclure/ha-aquanta: An unofficial Aquanta integration for Home Assistant

I’ve also submitted a PR to get a logo and icon added.

I will be writing some documentation and expanding the functionality as I am able to, though PRs are welcome too.

Only tested by me and my one Aquanta unit so far. There may be bugs, and there is a lot of missing functionality at the moment. What it does so far is add water heater entities for each Aquanta device and poll for the current operation and water temperature every 60s by default.

It should be robust enough to ask for re-authentication if you change your password, but I haven’t actually tested that yet.


Excellent I’ll give it a try! Thank you for the effort!
I’m most interested in the functionality to enable and disable Away mode!

I see the Away Mode. This does everything that I was looking for!

I actually got the away mode toggle functioning properly last night, too, so you should be all set in that case!

My latest release adds sensors for a bunch of other API values, as well.

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Can you add boost mode? I might fork your project and see if i can get that working.
Also I added customizations so the values graph and show correctly for me.

  unit_of_measurement: '%'
  device_class: humidity
  device_class: temperature

Now i have a temp graph

I might see if i can fix the percent 1=100% etc i dunno if its better to just do a template sensor or to see if we can get it to work in the code directly.

Im not sure why it doesnt show a temp instead of unavailable on the water heater at the top

I dont see the integration in HACS

I’ve installed the integration, but I do not see an “away” mode toggle. I hope to set the away mode via an automation. Where can I find it? Thanks…

If you could submit a PR for your changes I’d love to get them included in the main version!

As for the other questions, I haven’t had a chance to finish development of this integration yet, however I have been able to use it to set away mode successfully when I go on vacation.

It uses the default away mode functionality of the Water Heater entity, so you can click into the Water Heater under Controls and toggle the switch to enable or disable Away mode.

I have not attempted automation of this yet, but I think that is already possible. I will look more into that ASAP.

You can add this repository to HACS to make it show up: GitHub - bmcclure/ha-aquanta: An unofficial Aquanta water heater controller integration for Home Assistant

I have just released v2.0 which fixes several bugs, revamps the sensors, and adds switches for Away and Boost mode.

Any thoughts on the security of Aquanta? I hope it’s not as easy to hack as those cheap IP camera. Their cloud seems to provide simple REST APIs, if the device also just send data to the cloud over HTTPS, I think it shouldn’t be too hard to make a local service to replace their cloud. Anyone has tried to analyze traffic from the device?